Blocking à la Rubysasha

A few people asked me to take some snaps of the blocking process of my recently completed Ishbel. The incomparable lace knitter extraordinaire, Rubysasha, brought her blocking wires to knit night & we showed the ladies how effective blocking is. They’re all fabulous knitters but wouldn’t block or use “new-fangled” techniques like mattress stitch.

This was Ishbel pre-blocking


I had brought some Soak along to assist.


First step was to let Ishbel steep for 15 minutes in some tepid water with a little Soak added. The Tiziano Red shade of the gorgeous Malabrigo Sock really was beautiful when wet.


We forgot to bring towels which are great for pressing the excess liquid from the garment so Rubysasha used her vice-like grip to show Ishbel who was boss.

Next, the wires were put through the lace openings along the edges of the shawl and then held in place with pins on my blocking mats. These mats are usually in my 8 year old twins’ bedroom and they’re used as an “ocean” for their Lego boats (the four boys are HUGE Lego fans here) but are commandeered occasionally for blocking now as that’s what I had in mind when I bought them.


The knitnight ladies couldn’t get over how the lace just popped out upon blocking.


Not sure if we have any new blocking converts from knitnight but my husband was so impressed that he rang around several local engineering companies to source stainless steel TIG welding rods which apparently are great for blocking. He’s gone for them as I type so I’ll block my newest shawl, Holden, when he gets back.

Not sure if I love lace knitting more than Malabrigo Sock or vice versa but it’s a marriage made in heaven.


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