Surreptitious Stash Enhancement

I’ve been on a stash
reduction exercise for the last while & was intent on knitting my way through the recession (falling off the wagon occasionally when falling for the temptation of Malabrigo Sock, but that’s understandable).

However, I dropped by a friend’s house in Monaghan yesterday and she had come by some yarn via her in-laws that she was passing on to her mother’s knitting group. They knit multi-coloured blankets with odd balls & have no need for multiple skeins of the one kind so she asked if I’d like to rummage through the bags before she brought them home to Donegal.

I got me some goodies :). I’d appreciate pattern ideas for any or all of the following.

Firstly there are three mega-hanks of what looks like Kilcar yarn. Not sure what weight it is but it looks more Chunky than Aran. I’ll check that out later. It’s a gorgeous aqua shade. There are no tags left at all on the skeins.


Next on my stash list is this bounty of 15 skeins of Jaeger Angora Spun (70% Angora, 30% Lambswool). The colour wouldn’t be top of my list but it’s so soft it was irresistible.


There are a few other bits including these Wendy Skye skeins. They’re a mix of polyester, acrylic & mohair but I really like the mix of colours in them. There are about eight balls altogether.


So a “drop in for coffee” turned out to be very worthwhile. Now to work out what to eventually use them for. Let the fun commence.


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