Twitter trip to Fotawildlife


After a bit of banter with the @fotawildlife twitter crew today (& some help from @clashmore) I was set the challenge of getting 50 people to tweet “@doogarry deserves to be a #fotawildlife VIP”. If I was successful, I would get tickets for Fotawildlife Park.

I tweeted the challenge & asked my twitter friends to help & you folks were brilliant. Within 80 minutes we had reached our target.

We’ve had one thing after another since early June with the boys – two hospital stays, CT scan, lumbar puncture, viral meningitis, broken arm, knee wound that needed stitches, got infected & still hasn’t healed right…. The list goes on. They seem to be at a busy, adventurous stage (especially the twins -8 years old) & have had more injuries in the past short while than they ever had. They’re not the kind of guys who sit inside playing computer games so I guess it comes with the territory.

As a result of all this, the twins are restricted for another while with regards to activities – the broken arm is still not fully healed & P has to be careful with it as he was told at the fracture clinic on Thursday that an injury to it now could easily lead to surgery. Also, J’s knee is still being reviewed as the clinic isn’t happy with how the infection has affected the healing of the wound. We’re heading to Trabolgan this Friday (thanks to my parents) which the boys always love but a lot of the usual activities are off-limits this time for the twins – swimming, trampoline, scuba diving, zip-wire, play centre, etc

On the safari train during our last trip in May, 2011

We’re thrilled to now have a trip to Fotawildlife Park. We’ll spend one of our days there. We went in August 2009 & were back on the Sunday of the May Bank Holiday weekend this year. It’s always a brilliant day out & the boys love it.

Thanks again to our friends @fotawildlife for entering into the fun today & making a great day out possible with lots of new happy holiday memories that will keep us warm this Winter on the side of a hill in West Cavan.

Looking forward to updating you on our fotawildlife adventure next week.

Quinn Monkeys on the loose in Fota, May 2011


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