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Patrick’s Mothers Day Poem

Patrick couldn’t last until tomorrow to give me my poem. Apparently James has one too but he’s more patient 🙂

Dear Mum
You are the love of my life
You’re a hard working teacher
You deserve a break
Well, today’s your day
You’re thoughtful
You love me, spoil me
Kind & nice
I wrote this poem for you

Thank you Patrick. I love you too. You’re making pancake batter in the kitchen at the moment for my breakfast tomorrow. Such a kind and caring wee man xx



Patrick’s Hallowe’en Poem


Tomorrow is Hallowe’en. Boo!
I can’t wait
Oooo Hallowe’en at last
Black cat at last
Boo! A ghost
A bonfire is lit
A witch. Ha ha!
A wolf is howling. Ahhhhh

Patrick, age 8